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The Pony Puzzle 145 Years Commemorative Edition Pack

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To celebrate 145 years since Sam Loyd published his first commercially successful puzzle card "The Wonderful Chinese Pony Puzzle" , this commemorative edition has been created using original artwork first drawn in 1868 and is limited to 145 individually numbered cards world wide.

Approx Size: 2.7 inches x 2.3 inches.
Wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve and sealed with a gold printed sticker.

FREE POSTCARD with the purchase of 10 or more puzzles.           


Designed in the United States and manufactured using the highest quality material in Australia.

The story of how The Pony Puzzle was created

This year 2013, The Sam Loyd Company is celebrating 145 year since Sam Loyd published his first commercially successful puzzle card "The Pony Puzzle". For the history of The Pony Puzzle we have the following extract written by Sam Loyd in 1896 explaining how it came about.

I wish to tell the story of the "Pony Puzzle". I was returning from Europe in the fall of 1868 and had been amusing my fellow passengers with some sleight of hand tricks, when Governor Curtain, who was returning from his mission to Russia, challenged me to produce an impromptu puzzle which the company could not master. The subject of the theme was really suggested to me, so with a few cuts of a pair of scissors, I made a horse which was separated into three pieces. The object of the puzzle being to lay the pieces, without folding or further cutting, so as to give the best representation of a trotting horse.

At the end of several hours' study the modus operandi was shown to the famous war governor, who was so pleased with the trick that he volunteered to contribute a basket of champagne if it was discovered before the steamer made port.

The character and liberality of the prize stimulated the puzzlists to every exertion, but it was not mastered during the trip, which gave me such a favourable impression of it's difficulty that I brought it out through the American News company and disposed of upwards of a hundred millions of them through the stationers and street fairs. During the following year, however, it was utilized for advertising purposes, and more than a thousand and million of the tantalising little trick were scattered all over the world, calling attention to the merits of pianos, sewing machines, soaps and patent medicines. P. T. Barnum ordered the "Pony Puzzle" in the ten million lots at a time, and took special pride in being the first to recognize its advertising merits, although several noted firms ordered them in larger quantities. It is safe to say that upward of a million dollars' worth of these puzzles were used for advertising and that the ridiculous little pony, without and special merit aside from novelty, was the pioneer or entering wedge of the chromo craze which immediately followed it.

There is no trick or catch about the puzzle which the solver could not understand and the answer is so satisfactory that the finder will know when he has guessed it. It will be seen that the placing of the legs in different positions produces a variety of gaits or poses to the old horse, but, owing to the anatomical construction of the animal, they always seem to present the appearance of the feet going in opposite direction. As very few solved the puzzle during the first months of its appearance, it can be produced now as a relic of the past to test the prowess of our modern experts.

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